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The 2022 End Polio Now Tulip Campaign has started 

Also in 2021, many clubs have ensured that it became a very successful campaign, with which we can make a great contribution to the eradication of polio.

Last spring the End Polio Now tulips didn't only bloom in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium, Germany, England, Spain, the United Sates, the Czech Republic, Sweden, and Switzerland.

In 2021 the clubs that participated together sold 12.107 boxes of tulips and 19 projectpacks.

A standard box contains 25 tulipbulbs. 
A Projectpack contains 2500 bulbs. That is enough to plant 25 M2 .
The net result for last year was EUR 168.000,--.
A great amount.

The World Fund and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation added to this amount and therefore since we started in 2014 the total contribution of our campaign to the fight against polio is more than EUR 2.750.000,--
We are proud of it.

We will continue until the goal, a world free of polio, is reached.

Order your End Polio Now Tulip Boxes now! 

25 tulip-bulbs for €15,-

Please take notice:

Ordering is possible until the 15th of november 2022

Why end polio now?

Top 5 reasons
to end polio

To save

To invest in
the future

To improve

To improve
child health

To make

Your purchase for €150 means a lot.

For only € 0.54 a child can be vaccinated against polio for life. Your donation now pays even more. Every donated euro is tripled by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Here you can see what your € 150 can be used for in the fight against polio.

500 polio vaccins

To safeguard a child against polio

5 vaccin coolboxes

To keep the poliovaccin cool

30 promotion posters

To make parents aware of the need to vaccinate their children

5 vests for staff and volunteers

So that parenst can easily recongnize vaccination crew

5 finger markers

Childrens pinks are marked so it is easy to see who received the vaccin

Help polio