The End Polio Now Tulip action 2022 has ended.

Can we count on your support again next year?

End polio now!

Why end polio now?

Top 5 reasons
to end polio

To save

To invest in
the future

To improve

To improve
child health

To make

Your purchase for €150 means a lot.

For only € 0.54 a child can be vaccinated against polio for life. Your donation now pays even more. Every donated euro is tripled by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Here you can see what your € 150 can be used for in the fight against polio.

500 polio vaccins

To safeguard a child against polio

5 vaccin coolboxes

To keep the poliovaccin cool

30 promotion posters

To make parents aware of the need to vaccinate their children

5 vests for staff and volunteers

So that parenst can easily recongnize vaccination crew

5 finger markers

Childrens pinks are marked so it is easy to see who received the vaccin