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How do you store tulip bulbs?

Until the right time to plant the tulip bulbs (late September to late November), they must be stored in a cool and dry place. The fridge is a great place to store tulip bulbs.

When and where should the tulip bulbs be planted?

The best time to plant tulip bulbs is at least six weeks before the first frost. This means that the end of September to the end of November is the ideal time to plant the tulip bulbs. By planting them during this period, the bulbs can develop strong roots. A soil temperature of 5 to 10 degrees is the most ideal for the bulb to start growing.

The tulip bulb thrives best in airy, non-wet soil. Make sure that the soil is moist because the bulb will immediately start making roots. If the soil is too dry, the bulb stops making roots and the tulip does not develop sufficiently.
Heavier soil such as clay is best mixed with sand before the bulbs are planted to allow the tulip the space to grow. Three parts of sand on one part of the earth is the best.
Choose a sunny or semi-shaded place to plant the tulip bulbs. Tulips love sun and cool earth. In the Dutch climate, tulips can safely sit in the sun and still enjoy cool soil. A little shade is advisable to protect the flowering tulip against diseases.

How do you plant a tulip bulb?

Make a hole about 15 cm deep and place the bulb with the pointed side up and roots down. Larger bulbs even have to be planted 20 cm deep, the smaller ones can also be planted from 12.5 cm deep. A rule of thumb herein is that the bulb must be planted three times deeper than its own height.
To allow space for each tulip bulb, plant it with 10 cm between the bulbs. When they are closer together

How do you care for a tulip?

Water is the most important thing for a tulip to grow. Immediately after planting, the bulbs need extra water. Even if it has not rained for a long time, it is wise to water the bulbs themselves. Note that too wet soil is disastrous for a tulip.
As soon as leaves appear, it is no longer necessary to water. At best during dry periods, spray a little with a plant sprayer.

When there are periods of severe frost it is advisable to cover the ground layer with straw or leaves. This also prevents the growth of weeds and helps to retain moisture.
It is also advisable to sprinkle some fertilizer in the beginning of autumn and early spring to provide the tulip with nutrients.

When will my tulip bloom?

A tulip has a flowering time of approximately two weeks in the period from April to May.

Pruning tulips

When the tulip has stopped flowering, it starts producing seeds. This causes the tulip to wilt and the bulb to weaken. By cutting the flower off, you prevent this and help the bulb stay healthy and strong. Do you want the tulip to multiply? Then you have to let the tulip bloom so that the seed can spread.

If you choose to cut the tulip do this as soon as it has finished flowering. Leave the stem itself for another six weeks or until the leaf turns yellow. Then cut the leaves off to the ground. If necessary, mark the location of the bulbs so that you can remember this more easily for the following